Founded by writers Alexa Trembly and Emory Harkins, Twenty Stories mobilizes the literary arts in Los Angeles and beyond.

 Owners Emory Harkins (left) and Alexa Trembly (right).  photo by Alexandra DeFurio

Owners Emory Harkins (left) and Alexa Trembly (right).

photo by Alexandra DeFurio


Twenty Stories is an independent mobile bookstore operated out of a renovated vintage van. Each month the van carries twenty new book titles in the genres of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction, as well as literary and cultural magazines. The book selection values innovative and emerging writers and presses, as well as established authors in the literary community. 

Founded and operated by writers Emory Harkins and Alexa Trembly, their goal is to grow the literary community in and around Los Angeles by showcasing literature in new spaces. They plan to simplify the book-buying experience by curating a top-tier selection and can't wait for you to find your next favorite read.

The inspiration for Twenty Stories came a year after they moved to Los Angeles. Inspired by the LA culture of food trucks and it's sprawling streets, they quickly realized they wanted to create a new space for writers and readers that mobilizes the literary arts. They set out to open their store in order to showcase relevant and engaging literature.

Twenty Stories is an effort to bring communities in and around Los Angeles together through innovative and engaging texts that purposefully live off the silver screen and take up residency in our imaginations.