Founded by writers Alexa Trembly and Emory Harkins, Twenty Stories mobilizes the literary arts.

Owners Emory Harkins (left) and Alexa Trembly (right).  photo by Alexandra DeFurio

Owners Emory Harkins (left) and Alexa Trembly (right).

photo by Alexandra DeFurio

Twenty Stories is an independent and thoughtfully curated bookstore operating out of a renovated 1987 vintage van as well as a brick-n-mortar in Providence, Rhode Island.

Imagine never having a bad first date with a book again! That’s the idea behind the store’s monthly twenty-book curation. Every month, the two owners, Alexa Trembly and Emory Harkins, hand-select twenty titles to feature in their store, including works of contemporary fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. How do they pick the books? They sift through hundreds of titles to find the most inspiring, innovative, and thought-provoking books out there, and at the center of the curation is a diverse list of authors, themes, and publishers. It’s simple and easy and everything is personally recommended!

Their shop in Providence is based on the same twenty-book concept. The store stocks the current month’s curation alongside previous months' book selections as well. The store hosts readings, workshops, and community events with writers and artists from across the country. 

The bookmobile continues to be the heart of Twenty Stories. During the warmer months, the teal bookmobile pops-up in a new location every weekend and can be located with their online schedule, updated weekly, on their social media platforms. 

The bookshop was established in 2017 in Los Angeles, California and since then has made its way across the country to its new home in Providence, Rhode Island. Alexa and Emory's goal is to showcase literature in new spaces and to declutter the book-buying experience with a curated, top-tier selection.

The idea for Twenty Stories came a year after they moved to Los Angeles. Inspired by the LA culture of food trucks and its sprawling streets, they quickly realized they wanted to create a new space for writers and readers that mobilizes the literary arts.