Photo by Alexandra DeFurio

Photo by Alexandra DeFurio

Stay happy, reading.

One newly released hardcover book delivered to you, monthly.

When it comes to books, recommendations are everything. Nothing beats sharing a book with a good friend and then passing that book along to your next friend. And the next friend. Books have that connecting force about them. Start here — with a book subscription that will keep you happily reading and connecting with authors, book lovers, and friends every month.

Every subscription box will include: 

a hand-selected book of fiction or nonfiction along with one bonus item, from handmade pins to customized notepads


3 Months of Fiction

Little known fact: books are the next superfood! Subscribe for three consecutive months of healthy fiction for your imagination.

6 MONTHS of fiction

Every book is a new frontier. Discover new places, point of views, and authors for six consecutive months!

3 Months of nonfiction

Remember the phrase, "never stop learning?"

6 months of nonfiction

Most of the time, reality is crazier than fiction. Get crazy with this six month subscription of top-notch nonfiction.