Hey, Marfa by Jeffrey Yang


Hey, Marfa by Jeffrey Yang


Paperback | 160 pp.

"leave your pretense at the Prada, a quiet simplicity?
settles in, to start anew or continue to lose?
your way and loose your imagination....” Stra pauses,?
tosses back his Mezcalero, and I notice the scar?
running across the gular skin of his throat. “But hey,?
Marfa, what do I know, I just got here, tomorrow?
hasta pronto—an airstrip would kill you."
            —from “Stra”

Situated in the outreaches of southwest Texas, the town of Marfa has long been an oasis for artists, immigrants looking for work, and ranchers, while the ghosts of the indigenous and the borders between languages and nations are apparent everywhere. The poet and translator Jeffrey Yang experienced the vastness of desert, township, sky, and time itself as a profound clash of dislocation and familiarity. What does it mean to survive in a physical and metaphorical desert? How does a habitat long associated with wilderness and death become a center for nourishment and art?

Yang has fashioned a fascinating, multifaceted work—an anti-travel guide, an anti-western, a book of last words—that is a lyrical, anthropological investigation into history, culture, and extremity of place. Paintings and drawings of Marfa’s landscapes and substations by the artist Rackstraw Downes intertwine with Yang’s texts as mutual nodes and lines of energy. Hey, Marfa is a desert diary scaled to music that aspires to emit particles of light.

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