Palm Leaf: A Literary Symbiosis

Palm Leaf is publishing its first writer in November. We hope it's you! And in accordance with the Twenty Stories motto of curating a small list of high-quality writing, there will be only one poem, short story, essay, or novel excerpt featured per month. 

If you're a poet, surprise us with the sharp poignancy of the form.

If you're a fiction writer, persuade us with an unexpected perspective.

If you're an essayist, make the familiar feel new again. 

We know the amount of effort it takes to perfect a piece of writing and we appreciate you sharing your work with us! It can be difficult to release your writing into the world. For this reason, we've written a sub-par poem about why writers should resist their instinct to "hold off" on submitting new work. We hope it encourages you. 

This is a call for submissions. A don’t erase

your email draft, push send first.

Words can grow into their meaning, 

like the way it takes a cactus a hundred years

to grow an arm. Cover, conceal, resist, breath.

Push send first.

We're two parts to one.

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